We are a digital venture builder with specific expertise in software development & product management.

About Us

About Us

Who we are

We are developers, architects, engineers, product owners, designers, and digital entrepreneurs. We are international, nomads, everywhere. We are Remaster.


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Software Development

We develop MVP, startup, or enterprise level software solutions.

We offer team rental & project-based solutions. Depending on the need of the project we can be flexible and organize the software development teams accordingly. By building projects from scratch or joining an ongoing & existing team, we are confident that we can make your project thrive.

About us
About us

Project management

Putting the business strategy into action by implementing agile methodologies & translating business to IT.

Understanding your business and the project goals are crucial for a qualitative delivery, therefore we have a team of project managers available that help you in research, validation, planning & management of the project’s requirements.


We will answer your digital challenges and help you make decisions.

At your disposal, with over 15 years of experience in software development & managing high-end digital businesses. Planning a new digital venture and need some advice on technical or project related matters? Preparing for an investment round and you a technical evaluation or due diligence? Planning to build an internal development team? Any question is fine, let’s meet and talk about what we can do for each other.

About us

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